The Clark Chronicle
Volume 6 in       terra       pax       ~       peace       on       earth December 2005
5/12/05:  “A Date Which Will Live In Famy”

   Reviewing the year’s Clark stories, topping the list was the arrival of Amy Lee Clark. This bundle of cheer started smiling on May 12 and hasn’t stopped yet.
   The whole family helped welcome Amy into our home.
   Sara, nine, has been very protective of her brand new sister. Sara’s revolving collection of animals has stabilized somewhat; she now has an English Budgie, Leonardo, and she does a very good job of taking care of Dazey-Mazey, the family dog.
   Three-year-old Caleb has cultivated a talent for communicating with Amy. Whenever she’s fussy, Cal can figure out how to talk to her to put that smile back on her face. Caleb also likes playing with dominoes and trucks, and reading from his pocket dictionary.
Candy Apple Christened

   All ahead full! The Clark family’s canoe, The Candy Apple, hit the water nearly every weekend during the summer, and we discovered that five people fit comfortably into one sixteen-foot canoe, as long as three of those five people are kids and all five people like each other reasonably well.

If she was peanut butter she’d be chunky

If she were a president she’d be babe-raham Lincoln
(party on! excellent!)

Description of Amy Lee requires the longest word in the English language.
(because it’s a mile between the two s’s)

Training for Hiking with Amy

Sir Pūx-a-Lot & Friends

The Backside

“Watch” Dog

   For Dazey, being a watch dog means she lies around and watches stuff.

Canoeing Amy
Three Cuties

Peek-a-Boo Meadow

   OK, OK, Bill O’Reilly is a pinhead and a flake, so no one should pay attention when he gets irrationally angry at people saying “Happy Holidays”. But in the spirit of pettiness, here it is: Happy Holidays!
   If you’re in the persecuted minority (80%) who celebrate Jesus’ birth, then Merry Christmas to you!
   Please accept our wishes for a Happy Chanukah if, you know.
   And if your family marks “other” in the religion column, then hey, have a Happy Festivus and we’ll join you for the Airing of the Grievances.